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Buick Lease Deals in UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy

Buick’s lease deal with the Irish government to buy its leasing business in the UK has closed.The UK-based company announced on Wednesday that it had entered into a definitive lease agreement with the Department of Finance and Finance and Trade (DFAT) in the Republic of Ireland.This is a first step in the acquisition of a […]

Volvo XC40 lease: $2,800 per month, max up to 10 years in states that allow it

The Volvo XA40 has a base price of $30,000 in the U.S., and it comes with a $2.800 per-month lease option.In states where the lease can be extended, the vehicle will be worth $2 per month up to $10,000 per year.It can be bought in states like Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, […]

Ford’s first-ever factory lease deal with Convict Landings comes with hefty price tag

Ford has announced a new deal with the Convict Property Management Group to lease the factory to a local Convict company.The company announced the deal on Tuesday in a statement announcing the purchase of the factory.It is the first time Ford has used Convict’s factory leasing program.The leasing program was introduced in 2018 and was […]

When Porsche leases its massive brand new Q7 to a new buyer

Porsche will lease its new Q8 to a major buyer, the company said Tuesday.Porsche will lease the car to an American buyer who will purchase the Q7 in 2019, which will then be used for the 2019 model year.It’s the first major Q-series lease for Porsche and it comes after years of speculation that Porsche […]

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