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How to get the best lease deal on your car at the lowest possible price

Now Playing: Volkswagen recalls 2.0L TDI, 3.0M diesel engines, recalls to recall 4.0 million cars globally…Now Playing – The latest from the Flint Flint water crisis Now Playing Video: Flint water plant water crisis: Officials ask state for help with cleanup Now Playing News: Man shot in Kansas after ‘getting out of hand’ in parking […]

Ford Expedition LE lease starts with a brand new audi-grade, $9,900 model, plus $6,000 in financing option

Ford’s Expedition LE is the latest model in Ford’s $6.9 billion audio line-up, with the company also adding the Ford Escape and Focus.It will arrive in dealerships in April and will cost $9.900 with a $6k lease option.Ford is also offering the Expedition LE as a $3,900 vehicle with a full $6 lease option, or […]

Honda’s $8.2B cash injection is just the start of the ‘coronavirus’ transformation

A big cash injection from Honda Motor Co. on Tuesday may just be the start.The Japanese automaker said on Tuesday that it has spent $8 billion to buy back more than 1 million of its U.S. vehicles, as it tries to stave off the virus’ march to extinction.The $821 billion infusion, the largest in U.A.E. […]

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