Why the Wrangler lease is so hard to buy in Australia

Jeep Wrangler owners are being offered a deal of their own: a 12-month lease of their new car, but with no options for maintenance.

In a blog post this week, Jeep’s marketing team in Australia outlined the terms and conditions of the lease.

For a 12 month lease, owners will get access to all Jeep’s software updates and upgrades, but it will also have no warranties and will not be covered by the company’s CarRental program.

As with most leases, it is possible to cancel the lease after 12 months, but if you do, you will be charged a $600 deposit.

You’ll also be required to pay a $400 deposit in addition to any taxes and insurance you might incur, which can be a real hit to your wallet.

Jeep’s Australia-based marketing team did not provide a copy of the agreement, but in the post, the company said that leasing a Wrangler is not for everyone, especially for first-time buyers.

“As with any lease, if you purchase a Wranglers second lease, you’ll need to agree to a new 12 month, no-charge lease, with all of the standard warranties and terms and condition,” the post read.

However, there’s a catch, as the leasing agreement does not require a security deposit, which is what buyers are being asked to make.

It also stipulates that you can cancel at any time, so you can keep the car.

That means if you buy a second lease after the 12 months have passed, you can take the car back for a full refund.

If you decide to buy a new lease, there are some things to be aware of before you decide whether to buy it, the post said.

One of the main things you need to consider is that it is the lease that will provide you with the most financial security and support, and you’ll be expected to maintain it.

Your lease will include all the standard warranty and warranty and repair coverage.

But the lease will not provide you a security loan, so there is no financial support.

There will be a security fee associated with your lease and the fee will be deducted from your annual payments to the company.

The company says the security fee will apply for the 12-months of the new lease.

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