A team of designers creates a fully customized horse-themed luxury home

By Kim Jae-wonThe team behind a luxury house designed by a group of designers including Chevy and Bentley has won the prestigious 2018 “Designer of the Year” award.

Chevy and Bentley are leading the pack in luxury house design, with Chevy winning the award for the “Luxury House of the Century” in 2018, while Bentley is the top-selling luxury house in North America.

Chester and Bentley have won a total of six awards in the luxury house category.

The two luxury houses are the latest to receive a prestigious award from Next Big 2020.

Cheyster’s new house, called “The Big House,” was unveiled last week and is expected to sell for about $8 million.

The $5 million house was built in partnership with the University of South Florida, and the designers collaborated with architects and interior designers.

The house features a stunning, full-sized kitchen and living room, as well as a dining room and kitchenette, which overlooks a swimming pool.

The house also includes an outdoor deck, an outdoor patio, and a spa.

The designers’ project was inspired by the architecture of the famous American architect Frederick Law Olmsted.

The project was based on Olmstead’s plans for a large mansion, which included a rooftop garden and a large courtyard with views of Lake Michigan.

The project was modeled after Olmst’s design for the Grand Hotel in Paris, which featured a grand entrance and open courtyard, which could be accessed by a winding staircase.

The architects said that the house will be a blend of modern and classic, with elements that evoke a classic interior and exterior design.

“We wanted to use modern and modern elements to create a modern and elegant house,” said lead designer Rohan Singh.

“Our goal was to combine a modern style with classic elements.

We have included a modern, contemporary kitchen, living room and outdoor living room.”

The designers also added a large terrace, and created a large, natural grassy lawn that provides a great space for sunbathing and relaxing.

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