Manfredi on HRT, Audi, Honda, HGV leasing deal

It has been confirmed that HRT and Audi have signed a leasing deal worth €100 million in an agreement for a maximum lease of 50 years for the leasing of an HGV and a commercial vehicle.

The agreement, announced by the Italian automotive and finance minister, was made public by the HRT company in an update on their website on Sunday.

Honda will be leasing a fleet of HGVs and a HGV commercial vehicle from 2019.

It will be a five-year deal.

HRT will be renting a fleet for the lease period of 50 and the commercial vehicle for 20 years.

In addition, Audi will be buying the lease for an additional 50 years from 2020.HRT said that the lease will help the company to meet the new financial requirements to provide the HGV industry with a stable and competitive fleet for both its commercial and commercial vehicle markets.

Hire A HGV will be the first company in the H-Class segment to enter the commercial leasing business.

It was created by HRT as a joint venture with the Italian company IMI to provide a single platform for leasing H-Vehicles in Italy.

H-Vehicle leasing in Italy is currently limited to a number of vehicles, primarily the Audi S4 and the Audi Q7.

H-Avis, Hire A-Vans and Hire-A will provide the other brands.

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