When BMW i8 is no longer a bargain, Ford Escape is on the market

Ford Escape leases a 2016 BMW i7 for $25,000 per month.

That’s a bargain for a new car, but a bargain when compared to the prices on the black market.

A new i7 with $37,000 in finance options is going for $24,000 when compared with the Ford Escape.

The Ford Escape offers a larger, more luxurious interior and is equipped with a rear seat and leather upholstery.

It’s also more durable than a standard BMW i5, which is what you’ll find on the streets of New York City.

Ford has a good track record with high-quality vehicles, and the Ford i8 has all the features you’d expect from a Ford vehicle, including a heated front seat, power windows, and heated front and rear seats.

But it also comes with a few caveats.

The Escape’s lease is only good for five years, meaning it can be refitted for another five years at a reduced price.

But Ford said that lease isn’t available on all i8s.

Ford’s i8 isn’t the only vehicle to have an excellent lease.

Mercedes-Benz is also offering its lease for a similar price as the Ford Escort, and that car has also a heated rear seat, a heated trunk, and power windows.

But those cars also come with a $4,000 payment option, which isn’t much.

If you don’t like to have to pay a monthly payment, you could consider leasing the Ford I-4 instead.

The I-8 is not only cheaper, but also less expensive than the Ford escape.

If your car is on a lease, there’s nothing stopping you from buying a Ford Escape or Mercedes-AMG C-Class instead.

Ford also offers a new i3 for $27,500, a new version of its i5 for $31,000, and a brand new i8 for $34,500.

If all you want is a nice, luxurious car, you might consider the Ford R-Series for the same price as a Ford Escourer.

You could even find a Ford E-Series model for the lower price of $33,500 for a brand-new car.

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