IGN has a simple lease deal with Activision-Blizzard for all their content

The company has a contract with Activision Blizzard for all of their content, and they’ve just started to talk about a possible extension of that deal.

As part of the deal, Activision is paying the company an undisclosed amount to keep its properties running and have them updated regularly.

As far as we can tell, the deal is going to last until the end of the year, though it’s not clear if the deal has an expiration date.

The details are pretty simple.

The deal will cover both the Activision and Blizzard brands, and it’ll be for a fixed term.

Activision is also going to get a cut of Blizzard’s profits, which will then be split between the two companies.

The two companies have an agreement that gives Blizzard an option to buy the games they release.

As far as this deal goes, it sounds like it’s the most reasonable one we’ve seen.

We know Activision is the biggest publisher of games in the world, so we don’t expect to see any major changes in that aspect of things.

But if Activision’s publishing revenues are going to be in the tens of billions of dollars, then this deal could have an impact on how Blizzard’s games are priced.

As with all such deals, it’s hard to know exactly what Activision and Activision Blizzard are going after, but it’s probably fair to say that the deal should be fairly obvious.

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