Ford F-150 lease deal with Lincoln Landlord goes into effect at 1:50 p.m. ET

By KEVIN MCDANIELFox Sports – A new lease agreement between the Ford F150 and Lincoln Landowner is set to go into effect Monday, with Ford saying the lease agreement will have no effect on the F-Series, which will still be built in Mexico.

Ford has been trying to secure a new North American vehicle manufacturing facility for the F150 since at least the spring of 2015, and in April of this year, the automaker announced a $10.6 billion deal to buy a $25.6 million parcel in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Ford had already agreed to buy $9.4 million in stock from the Lincoln stockholders in June of this season.

But Lincoln LandOwner, which is owned by Ford’s investment arm, Ford Ventures, has been lobbying to keep the F—in Lincoln for at least another year.

Lincoln, which has the most F—s in the Lincoln business, has spent millions of dollars lobbying to protect the F***in Lincoln brand.

Lincoln Landowners president John W. McAfee said in a statement Monday that Ford is “entirely consistent” in its opposition to Lincoln leasing and will not change the lease terms.

Ford will pay the $2.5 million rental fee and will lease the F–in Lincoln property for a maximum of 30 years, according to the agreement.

Ford said in an announcement last month that the F –in Lincoln lease agreement would not impact the Ford Focus, which it still plans to build in Mexico as well.

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