New York City’s smartpay contract ends lease dispute

The New York State Supreme Court on Monday rejected a lease dispute with a New York landlord who says he should have to pay his lease rent by a monthly payment.

The landlord, David Leach, argued in court that the agreement with the state’s largest landlord, the Association of Realtors, was “inherently unfair” and was a breach of contract.

Leach had sought to end the lease dispute, saying he was no longer in a position to pay.

The Supreme Court, however, sided with the landlord and ruled that Leach can end the dispute with the association.

The state Supreme Court agreed.

Leahe’s attorneys have said he has “never violated” the lease agreement and that the state Supreme Council, the state governing body for New York’s landlords, should have allowed Leach to end it.

In January, Leach announced he would no longer rent out the building where he lives in a condominium in Westchester County, New York, and that he would lease out his property.

He also said he would use his proceeds from the sale of the condominium to pay rent on the condopan.

Lease disputeLeaheds attorneys have argued that Leahes contract with the Association is a violation of the lease law because it requires him to pay the rent by monthly payments.

The Association of Real Estate Boards of New York said the lease was made after the association’s board was formed in 2016, meaning it was not formed in the past year.

Leas lease with the State Supreme Council was amended in 2017 to require the lease to be for a period of two years.

That meant the lease would only be valid for the term of Leahes contract with New York Real Estate Board, the group said in a statement.

The court ruling also upheld Leachs request to terminate the lease and to award him damages, but only if he can show that the lease is “in contravention of the state constitution.”

The state Supreme Housing Committee, which oversees the state housing agencies, also could decide to extend Leahei s lease.

Leach was among more than 200 people who applied for the lease, which runs through March.

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