Jeep leases more than $1bn in new trailer deals, including ‘superb’ deals with Cadillac

The Jeep brand has secured $1.5bn in trailer deals in Australia, New Zealand and India, as it attempts to shore up sales ahead of the arrival of the Chevrolet Malibu next year.

The company announced the deals on Wednesday, saying they were the first in a series of $1b deals it has signed.

The deal with GM was the first with the Australian company since 2015, when it signed a deal to lease more than 1,000 Wranglers to the US automaker.

Jeep is one of the biggest brands in the world, but it is facing strong competition from new entrants like Ford and General Motors.

The Australian firm’s biggest new deal came in January, when the company announced it was making a $1m payment to acquire a 5,000-acre parcel in Western Australia.

The deal to acquire the land is expected to help reduce costs as it builds its Australian headquarters.

Jeeps Australia chief executive Andrew Haldane said the new deals with GM and Ford would bring significant sales to the Australian market.

“It’s a very significant move and we’re very excited about it,” he said.

“It gives us the opportunity to increase our Australian footprint and increase our sales in a way that would be difficult for us to do without these two companies.”

They have a great track record and we think they are going to do a great job for us in the coming years.

“He said the two brands were working together on a range of initiatives, including creating a partnership with an Australian car maker to help sell its models in China.

The Wrangler lease deal was also the first time the company has used a cash incentive program, rather than a loan, to get its vehicles in Australia.

It said the money would be used to finance further expansion of its Australian operations and to fund new vehicles and technology.

Jeep said it would also continue to work with local partners to develop and manufacture products in Australia as well as developing a line of fuel cell vehicles.

The firm said it was investing $5.5m to expand its Australian production capacity and the acquisition of the Malibu.

A statement from the company said the lease deals with both GM and Holden were an important part of its efforts to grow its business globally and build upon its strong brand recognition in Australia and overseas.

Mr Haldanes said the company was also making a number of strategic investments.”

Our Australian footprint is one that is very important to us,” he told reporters.”

We’re investing a lot of money in that, particularly around the Perth plant where we are investing $1 billion in that.

And that will also enable us to provide our customers with great products, so we can help them get better value for their money.”

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