Volvo leasing website for a home for $17.9m

Volvo leasing site for a $17,000 home in Los Angeles for a couple of million dollars.

This is a property that will need to be sold to finance the project.

Volvo has announced that they are looking to raise the funds needed to build the home, which will be located at 6500 Westwood Drive in L.A.

The home will feature an entry-level cabin, a spa and spa services, a full-size kitchen, a dining room, a garage and a driveway.

The site also lists a two-bedroom guest house with two bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as a basement that will be shared with two units.

A couple of other details about the house, including a “stunning view” of L.O.D. from a terrace in the backyard, are listed.

Here’s a look at the property: Source Engadge article Volvo has also listed the home as being for sale for $4.5 million, which is slightly cheaper than the $17 million asking price that we reported earlier.

Check out Volvo’s listing for the house here: Here are some other details of the property listed on the site: It has been described as a two bedroom home that is located in a “beautiful suburban neighborhood” with lots of natural light, the site said.

It also has “gorgeous views” of the Hollywood sign and other attractions in the area.

Its not yet known whether the house will include a pool, pool deck, fitness center, gym, or other amenities.

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