Month: August 2021

How to get a boat lease on your property

A boat lease agreement has become a lucrative and popular option for renters looking to rent out their waterfront property.Renters will pay around $10,000 for a year-long lease on a four-bedroom waterfront property, with an annual rental price of about $200,000, according to the Land Registry of New South Wales.In the past year, property owners […]

How to get the best lease deal for your Ford Ranger 1/2 2018: Ford Ranger Lease Price Comparison

Ford’s Ranger 1 is currently on sale for $21,995 (plus incentives).If you are looking for a lease that offers more for the price, the best way to find that deal is to compare the two.You can find out the best deals on Ford’s online Ford Ranger lease program. Here’s what you need to know to compare […]

How to buy a Ford Mustang from the dealer

You’re looking at the Ford Mustang.And it’s a big deal.The 2018 Ford Mustang GT is an electric, all-wheel-drive, four-door luxury vehicle.It’s available in two different configurations, the GT E and GT V, which make it possible to have the car in both an all-electric and a hybrid state.The 2016 model was the most powerful car […]

How to get your vehicle financed in 2019

For a 2019 Ford Explorer lease, you’ll have to spend $1,000 more than a 2016 Ford Explorer.It’s because the Ford Explorer’s annual lease payment has gone up from $3,900 to $4,500 in 2019.That’s because Ford is offering new leases with a new financing option.It starts at $2,000 a month for a five-year lease and increases […]

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