Lexus to lease its headquarters to French firm for €3bn deal

Lexus will buy the French company that owns its headquarters in Dublin.

The deal, announced on Friday, is worth an estimated €3.5bn, and will see the US firm use the building to host its headquarters and a large office and distribution centre.

The move is a coup for the firm, which is already facing scrutiny over its management of the crisis in Ukraine, and its decision to retain the same president in Ukraine despite the protests in that country.

The US firm is the biggest shareholder in Lexus and is also its biggest customer.

The company, however, has been criticised for failing to do enough to address the crisis, and for failing in its duties to its shareholders.

The decision to buy the building was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

It is understood that the firm will have an office on the first floor, but will have a smaller building on the second floor.

Mr Forde has already been replaced by Mr Krasnyi.

The firm has also been in talks with an Italian company to build a €10bn data centre in Ireland, which could come in handy in the future.

The Irish Independent first reported the news of the deal.

Lexus had been looking to buy its headquarters, the company’s headquarters in Cork, in recent years.

A spokeswoman said the decision to acquire the company was “a no-brainer” and that it would “set a new standard for the global car and equipment industry”.

Mr Fordes resignation has been widely reported.

It has been speculated that he will step down as president, with a new CEO due to be chosen within the next two weeks.

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