Why a camaro leasing deal is good news for the Chevy Volt

The lease agreement between a GM carmaker and a lease carrier may be a good thing for consumers.

It allows the automaker to use the lease as a means to reduce costs for its EV customers.

But it could also be a bad thing.

Read moreIn a letter to investors on Tuesday, GMC Capital Management noted that the lease agreement allows GM to reduce the cost of lease payments.

That’s because GMC has to pay for the cost-sharing, or maintenance fees.

Those fees are typically about $100 per month, or $100 a year, depending on the vehicle, according to the letter.GMC says the $100 maintenance fee is “necessary to maintain and upgrade the vehicle.”

But GMC notes that the leasing agreement also allows GMC to use that cost savings to “reduce costs” for EV owners.

That’s not a bad use of its money.

The company should be able to charge less than $100 each month, instead of paying more than $200 a month.

But the lease gives GMC more than enough leeway to charge more than that.

In addition to cutting costs, the lease can help the company get EV buyers more used to the EV.

The lease is good for the lease carrier, because it lets them “implement an accelerated deployment strategy” for new EVs.

The strategy would require EV buyers to buy an EV before they can lease one.

But as Tesla has found, it’s easy to get EV owners to get used to EV use.

“The leasing strategy can help achieve this by allowing EV buyers access to the highest level of service and the most advanced technology,” the letter said.

“By leveraging the lease, you will also be able more easily achieve your EV purchase goals and achieve the goals of your lease.”

The lease agreement with the Chevrolet Volt is for the Volt Hybrid, which is expected to go on sale in 2019.

But if you want to drive a GM vehicle, you may want to consider getting a new lease with a lease provider.

The Chevy Volt has been available for lease for about two years, but it’s not clear if it will be a regular purchase option for most buyers.

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