Honda leasing specials: Deal on new Honda CR-V, LT models, new ’17 Honda CR, 2017 Honda Civic to be available on May 2, 2018

The new 2017 Honda CRV is the most affordable, practical, fuel efficient and quickest model available, with a starting price of $35,595.

It also offers the widest selection of options in the lineup, with the 2017 Civic LX and Civic Sport trim offered.

The 2017 Civic XL, which is the next-generation model, starts at $34,995 and includes a choice of the new CR-S, CR-X, or Civic LX hatchback.

The base Civic LX starts at the same price, at $29,995.

The 2017 Honda Fit is also on sale at $30,695, with options including a manual or automatic transmission.

A Civic SUV, the Fit Sport, starts as low as $31,995, while a crossover comes with a base price of just over $31.500.

The Civic CR-5, which starts at just under $33,000, offers the best value in the segment, with its four-cylinder engine rated at a claimed 123 horsepower and 112 pound-feet of torque.

In addition to the Civic models, the 2017 Honda HR-V is on sale starting at $33.495 and with a three-cylile engine rated up to 210 horsepower.

The Honda Civic is also available at $36,995 with a four-speed manual transmission, and it also offers a hybrid option.

A 2017 Honda Pilot is available starting at just $37,595, and the 2018 Honda Pilot Hybrid is available at just over a quarter-million.

The Fit will start at just shy of $42,000 and the Pilot Hybrid will start around $43,000.

Honda is also offering a Civic hatchback starting at under $37.995.

All of the Honda vehicles in the line-up are available in three-door hatchbacks, which are available with or without a manual transmission.

The 2016 Honda CRX is on its way back from the dead.

It is the second-lowest-priced entry-level model available in the U.S., behind the Honda CRF-V.

The CRX comes with the same 6.2-liter, twin-turbocharged engine as the CRX Sport, but the CR-W hatchback replaces the Sport and adds a more powerful V6 engine.

It retails for $35-plus, and you can also get the CRH hatchback, which retails at $39,995 starting at the $37-plus price point.

The 2018 Honda Civic and Civic Hybrid are available starting in January.

The hybrid offers a more modern look and a larger driver seat.

The next-gen Civic LX comes with three seats, while the 2017 model has four seats.

Both vehicles also have a powertrain upgrade that adds electric motors to the rear axle.

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