‘I don’t need a gun’: Georgia gun owners’ anger over ‘federal gun’ ban

Georgia hunters have been told to leave their weapons at home or risk losing their hunting privileges.The Georgia Department of Natural Resources issued the order on Monday, a day after lawmakers passed a bill banning firearms on public lands.Georgia Gov.Nathan Deal signed the bill on Thursday, which critics say is designed to undermine the state’s […]

What you need to know about Tahoe Landlords

A lot of the information we’ve provided to you in this article is derived from information from local and state agencies and information from other sources, including public sources and the Tahoe County Sheriff’s Office.Some of this information has been updated as of January 2018.For more information about the Tahooe Landlord Registry, click here.Contact: Jennifer […]

US to cut off lease to Israeli-owned poultry firm after it signs ‘no-aggression’ agreement

A US poultry company has signed an agreement with the Palestinian Authority (PA) to cut the lease of a poultry farm to Israeli expatriates and stop them from taking over the land.The agreement between US poultry giant Tyson Foods and the Palestinian Development Authority (PDA) means that expatriate workers from the US and Israel will […]

What’s New on Toyota 4Runner in 2018?

The new 4Runner has been a hot seller since it hit the market in 2019, selling out in record time.The latest model in Toyota’s popular family of vehicles is now available with two-wheel drive, a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a new 8.5-inch touchscreen touchscreen.It’s the latest in Toyota vehicles to include a fully electric […]

How to get the best lease deal on your car at the lowest possible price

Now Playing: Volkswagen recalls 2.0L TDI, 3.0M diesel engines, recalls to recall 4.0 million cars globally…Now Playing – The latest from the Flint Flint water crisis Now Playing Video: Flint water plant water crisis: Officials ask state for help with cleanup Now Playing News: Man shot in Kansas after ‘getting out of hand’ in parking […]

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